Ahh yes, it’s that time again. Here’s my annual 4/13 redraw (compare to last year’s)— happy birthday to Homestuck, which has had an embarrassingly large impact on my life, and to one of my favorite fictional goobers, John Egbert.

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when we dance, it looks just like fire
when we sing, it sounds the same tone
we all have hearts, we all have homes,
but when we die, we die alone.

As anticipated, this got finished a day late… but, well. You can’t rush art, or whatever. There are some things I’m still kind of ?? about here but if I stare any more at the effects on the biotics my head is going to explode.

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Well, in case I don’t finish my more Serious Art in time— here’s Adam Shepard being entertained by watching the festivities at his own birthday party. Like, can you even imagine the shenanigans going on here? Trying to explain human birthday customs to all the alien crew members? Garrus using one of those… paper whistle blowy things? Liara wearing a party hat?

Happy -140th, Shepard.

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Your art is sooo beautiful

Ahhh, thank you so much!! I’ve been working really hard for the past year or so, so it’s super nice to hear that you like it!

Okay I finished my last drell MP character’s color reference and decided to just slap ‘em all onto one photoset… these were really fun to develop, I have played more with color designing these punks than like… ever before and I JUST REALLY LOVE DRELL OKAY [TAPDANCES AWAY]

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More multiplayer OCs 8D; this one’s my drell assassin/infiltrator. I still have one more drell left to do, and then I’ll probably move on to my other classes/species… developing appearances for multiplayer characters is weirdly fulfilling.

Coloring drell remains the most fun I’ve had coloring anything in months!

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Spent a bazillion years looking very, very closely at Thane’s in-game model to get all the parts of this guy’s face right— but, here’s a quick color reference for the drell adept I play in ME3MP. Plotting out color schemes for drell is a BLAST even if trying to get their facial structure right is a pain in the butt.

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Finally drew up a more legit reference for Adam’s tattoos 8D too lazy to draw a dick so I just didn’t lmfao but I needed to see all of his tattoo pieces come together on his whole body so!!

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Adam Shepard strikes me as the type who’d have tattoos to represent significant things in his life— I got a little ambitious during class last night and spent most of it drawing a naked dude torso so that I could place some tattoos on him, and this morning I cleaned it up in SAI.

I’ve come up with three tattoos so far:

  • On the inside of his left bicep, the Alliance logo thingie (navy blue) with his officer bars going around the arm (thus, he started with none and added them as promotions came)
  • On his right shoulder, a star for his unit on Akuze— it was too eensy to do and also would require some BS that I don’t have the brain for, there’d probably be some kind of lettering or numbering to denote which unit but since I don’t think that’s divulged (or if it is I’ve missed it) I was like 8D /draws a star and calls it good
  • On the inside of his right bicep, a stanza from Tennyson’s “A Farewell” for Ashley: A thousand suns will stream on thee/A thousand moons will quiver/But not by thee my steps shall be/For ever and for ever.

There might be more but those are the first ones that popped into my head; he’d probably continue adding things for those he’s lost and would just be continually getting inked when time permitted.

I might clean this up some more and color it at some point but this is what I’ve got for now O:

I wanted to try drawing some childs because I don’t really draw like, Younger People ever and getting the proportions was kind of hard but??? fldks it seemed like my Shepards would be a good place to start 8D

TEEN ADAM SHEPARD (13ish here) and I figure he grew into his jaw and… the rest of himself between 14 and 17 and then he was a sTUD but he was also a pain in the ASS when he was a teenager

AND TINY BABY DYLAN SHEPARD (5~6ish??) gettin’ a real good look at space for the first time. He’s got the Spacer background, so!!! 

I want to try drawing them at different stages of life more often, this was pretty fun, and I tried not to overthink anything!

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